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Debug Chooser – A tool to choose between multiple Debugger in the Taskmanager

November 27th, 2008 1 comment

The “Debug Chooser” is a tool primary developed to have multiple debugger applications/options in the taskmanager available.

What else can i told you about this tool. All options are configured trough an INI file, you can configure an application timeout, wich ends the debug chooser after a time period and launches the selected application. Its a tiny little application, what saves a lot of work if you have to work with multiple debugger. But it also runs stand alone as well and you mustn’t register it to AeDebug

Here is an sample how the debug chooser is called over the taskmanager.


Please feel free to download it, test it and post me some comments, or feature request for this tool.

File Version:
Supported OS: WIN2000|XP|2003|VISTA
Programming language: AutoIT
Language version:

Debugchooser Setup (V0.0.1.50)

Tool for setting default printers (on Users, local & remote computernames)

March 30th, 2008 No comments

I know there are a lot of tools on the web for setting a default printer depending on different cases. But for me they were all to complex a little bit. I want it more easier and wrote my own SetDefaultPrinter tool wich tries to set a default printer, depending on a username or a local computername or a remote computername (if your users working in terminal server sessions and you have to set the default printer wich ich connected to a special local client).

My tool works as follows…. Read more…

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Easily transfer FSMO Roles vom one DC to a another

December 12th, 2007 2 comments

I’ve wrote a nice batch script how you can transfer FSMO Roles from one domaincontroller to a another. With some simple choices you can move roles between domaincontrollers in a AD environment.

Therefor i use the NTDSUTIL.EXE of the Windows Server Support Tools wich is installed by default on a Windows Domaincontroller.

Before you can use the script: Look if the path to NTDSUTIL.EXE is in the %PATH% variable, to call it globally. Or copy NTDSUTIL.EXE into the script directory. CHOICE.EXE is used to handle the choosable options in the script.

Script call: FSMOtransfer.bat [DNSDOMAIN]

Where [DNSDOMAIN] Must be a Fully Qualified Domain name (FQDN) of a existing Microsoft Active Directory Domain. The script works only if you are logged on as a administrator

Download: FSMORolesTransferScript

Happy Coding!

Visio Paradies (jede menge Visio Objekte)

July 17th, 2007 No comments

Das was ich hier gefunden habe ist einfach besser als

Eine Page aus Russland, bietet tausende von Visio-Objekten zum download an. Hier findet man wirklich alles was man braucht 🙂 Ein Wahes Visio Paradies


Backup Tool for Cisco Devices

June 5th, 2007 6 comments

Because i have a lot to do with cisco network environments, i searched for a tool, wich i can use, to backup a amount of cisco network devices quick and easy through TFTP. But i didn’t find any good tool, wich provides this feature. After a lot of research work, i deceided to write my own “Cisco Device Backup Tool”.

The basics on my tool based on a simple theory. One unique username must be configured on all cisco devices, and an easy configurable .ini file wehre i can do the main configuration and backup settings.

For my tool i used the scripting language AutoIT Script. A powerful development kit where you easily can create GUI’s, fuctions and much more things. Since version 3.2.x AutoIt even supports commands to control the Windows TCP stack.

The function of my tool is very simple. Read more…

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Fehlersuche/Troubleanalyse mit dem EventLog und seinen Tools

May 25th, 2007 No comments

Folgende Commandline-Tools sind zur Fehleranalyse unter Windows 2000 | XP | 2003 geeignet:

Das mit cscript startende VB-Script: EventQuery.vbs (ist beim Windows Server 2k3 im Resource Kit mit dabei) und Read more…

Copy To.. Befehl im Kontextmenue anzeigen

May 25th, 2007 No comments

Wer gerne mal schnell files ueber das Kontextmenue kopieren moechte, der kann dies jetzt ganz problemlos machen.

In der Registry gibt es einen Pfad, in dem ein neuer Unterschluessel [Copy To] erstellt werden muss: [HKCR\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Copy To] Read more…

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Windows XP based Remote Desktop Clients could not logon the Terminal Server

May 25th, 2007 No comments

Wer schon mal das Problem gehabt hat sich mit einem Terminal Server Client zum Server verbinden zu wollen und sich dann gefragt hat warum die Session abgewiesen wird, der sucht meistens den Ursprung des Fehlers auf dem Terminal Server selbst, da es nach der Art der Fehlermeldung die MSTSC.EXE zurueckgibt so aussieht.

Auch nach einem feineren Tuning der GroupPolicies Read more…

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High Availability Router mit Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS)

May 21st, 2007 No comments

Ich musste zusammen mit einem Kollegen eine Loesung finden, um zwei IP Netze miteinander zu verbinden. Da wir keinen Router zur Verfuegung hatten wir uns nach etwas anderem umsehen. Da fiel unser Augenmerk auf ein Microsoft Cluster (Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edt.), welches wir für Projekt zur Verfuegung hatten. Es beinhaltete zwei physikalische Cluster Nodes mit je drei Netzwerkarten. Die Idee war schnell geboren, wir wollten einen ausfallsicheren Router in diesem Cluster aufsetzen. Gedacht – Getan…. Read more…

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