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Spanning-Tree topology explained

June 29th, 2007 No comments

On the cisco website i found a nice presentation (i converted to PDF) about the layer 2 redundancy protocol “Spanning-Tree”. In the document there is explained, how spanning-tree works and how to protect your spanning-tree configuration in your LAN.

This is a document wich every network administrator should read 🙂

Download file: Chapter 10 – protrecting the Spanning-Tree topology

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Backup Tool for Cisco Devices

June 5th, 2007 6 comments

Because i have a lot to do with cisco network environments, i searched for a tool, wich i can use, to backup a amount of cisco network devices quick and easy through TFTP. But i didn’t find any good tool, wich provides this feature. After a lot of research work, i deceided to write my own “Cisco Device Backup Tool”.

The basics on my tool based on a simple theory. One unique username must be configured on all cisco devices, and an easy configurable .ini file wehre i can do the main configuration and backup settings.

For my tool i used the scripting language AutoIT Script. A powerful development kit where you easily can create GUI’s, fuctions and much more things. Since version 3.2.x AutoIt even supports commands to control the Windows TCP stack.

The function of my tool is very simple. Read more…

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Befehl “ip default-gateway” unwirksam sobald Layer 3 Routing / HSRP / OSPF auf Cisco Core Switchen (3700, 6000 Series…)

May 25th, 2007 No comments

Sobald auf einem Cisco Core Switch mit Layer 3 IP-Routing funktionalitaeten eingeschaltet werden, funktioniert das Command: ip default-gateway nicht mehr richtig.

Es kann zu Komplikationen Read more…

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