HP I/O Accellerator Card – Test

This week i had the honor to test a G2-Series HP I/O-Accellerator Card. Installation and Post-Configuration of the card is very easy. So you could go ahead immediately with testing these Hot Stuff. We configured the card to 50% Performance, so we loosed 50% of the available space on the I/O-Card. But for our reasons,... Continue Reading →

Enumerate Database-Role Membership

Hey Guy's here i am with my 1st SQL-Server Post! If you want to know the membership of a database role, to what other database roles the role belongs to, i have a good satatement for you. SELECT dbrole1.name AS dbrole1_name       , dbrole1.principal_id       , dbrm.role_principal_id       , dbrole2.name          ... Continue Reading →

Facebook – Behind the scenes

I always recommend colleagues to read and watch the thread on sysadminslive.com about the Facebook IT Mangement and Operations strategy. Because the using good tools and ideas to observe there system. Take a look at yourself: http://www.sysadminslife.com/linux/facebook-ein-blick-hinter-die-kulissen-und-in-das-komplexe-system

Windows Terminalserver Farm & 8dot3 names

Hey Folks! currently i'm on the way to deploy a Windows Server 2008 R2 terminal server farm. One server is already up and running productive and the other is one step before going online. I work a lot of with GPO's and user roaming profiles, to ensure to have excatly the same configuration on the... Continue Reading →

Soluto – Anti Frustration Software

Soluto (www.soluto.com) It's an Awesome Tool, to Speed Up Your System Boot, Fix System Slowdowns Sound's very interesting and i'll give them a try. found via Lifehacker (http://tinyurl.com/26py4s2)...

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