HP I/O Accellerator Card – Test

This week i had the honor to test a G2-Series HP I/O-Accellerator Card.
Installation and Post-Configuration of the card is very easy. So you could go ahead immediately with testing these Hot Stuff.

We configured the card to 50% Performance, so we loosed 50% of the available space on the I/O-Card. But for our reasons, to put the TEMPDB of MS SQL-Server 2008 R2 and an Archive log of an ERP-System database on it, shoud this be space enough.

So here are the test results. I don’t wan’t to comment to much. Look at the results. They are self explaining.

Random Read Test (SQLIO – 8 Threads, 16 Outstanding Requests, 64 Block read)

HighSpeed Read Performance

Sequential Write Test (SQLIO)

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