Windows Terminalserver Farm & 8dot3 names

Hey Folks! currently i'm on the way to deploy a Windows Server 2008 R2 terminal server farm. One server is already up and running productive and the other is one step before going online. I work a lot of with GPO's and user roaming profiles, to ensure to have excatly the same configuration on the... Continue Reading →

Soluto – Anti Frustration Software

Soluto ( It's an Awesome Tool, to Speed Up Your System Boot, Fix System Slowdowns Sound's very interesting and i'll give them a try. found via Lifehacker (

Group Policy Search

Discovered via Daniel Melanchton's Technet Blog This is really a nice Tool to find existing Group Policies easily. The Group Policy Search Thank's Daniel for that helpful information.

Process Uptime Utillity

I wrote a small tool, what receives the uptime of an running process. Simply choose a PID of a process and enter it into the tool. This is possible trough input box or over a commandline call. Download: Process Uptime V0.0.0.2

Backup Tool for Cisco Devices

Because i have a lot to do with cisco network environments, i searched for a tool, wich i can use, to backup a amount of cisco network devices quick and easy through TFTP. But i didn't find any good tool, wich provides this feature. After a lot of research work, i deceided to write my... Continue Reading →

Fehlersuche/Troubleanalyse mit dem EventLog und seinen Tools

Folgende Commandline-Tools sind zur Fehleranalyse unter Windows 2000 | XP | 2003 geeignet: Das mit cscript startende VB-Script: EventQuery.vbs (ist beim Windows Server 2k3 im Resource Kit mit dabei) und WMIC.EXE (eine Schnittstelle der Windows Management Instrumentation, kann diesen Fehler auslesen auch vom lokalen System uns vom Remote Hosts) WMI ist ein 'Common Standard' welcher... Continue Reading →

Copy To.. Befehl im Kontextmenue anzeigen

Wer gerne mal schnell files ueber das Kontextmenue kopieren moechte, der kann dies jetzt ganz problemlos machen. In der Registry gibt es einen Pfad, in dem ein neuer Unterschluessel [Copy To] erstellt werden muss: [HKCR\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Copy To] Der Defaultwert "@" in dem Teilschluessel muss mit einer bestimmten Class-ID aufgefuellt werden: {C2FBB630-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13} Um den Copy To in... Continue Reading →

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