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Because i have a lot to do with cisco network environments, i searched for a tool, wich i can use, to backup a amount of cisco network devices quick and easy through TFTP. But i didn’t find any good tool, wich provides this feature. After a lot of research work, i deceided to write my own “Cisco Device Backup Tool”.

The basics on my tool based on a simple theory. One unique username must be configured on all cisco devices, and an easy configurable .ini file wehre i can do the main configuration and backup settings.

For my tool i used the scripting language AutoIT Script. A powerful development kit where you easily can create GUI’s, fuctions and much more things. Since version 3.2.x AutoIt even supports commands to control the Windows TCP stack.

The function of my tool is very simple. It opens a TELNET (23, TCP) socket and connect to the remote device. After a successful logon, the application set off some commands onto the device, to trigger the backup process. This would be done 1:n times, as much devices are configured in the CDB Backup configuration file (bakconfig.ini).

See Cisco Device Backup in Action:

Screenshot of Cisco Device Backup

Here you can download a clean version (V1.3.0.6) of
Cisco Device Backup (cdb_setup_v13.exe, 349KB)

Please test my tool and leave some positive or less positive commects about my tool. – Have a good time!

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  1. Hi,

    It is great that you have a developed a tool on your own to take backup of configuration of cisco devices. I will download your tool, test it and share my experience soon.

    Btw, just thoght of introducing ManageEngine DeviceExpert, a web-based Network Configuration Management Software that helps in managing the configurations of network devices from multi-vendors, including Cisco.

    DeviceExpert helps you to take total control of device configuration from a central web interface. It also helps in taking backup of device configuration both on demand and at periodic interval of time through schedules.

    For more information, free version/professional trial version download of the product, please visit

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. I had a lot of projects with cisco hardware, and couldn’t find no suitable tool for backing up cisco devices. So i wrote a simple tool based on AutoIt scripting language.
    With this tool it’s possible to schedule cisco config backups easily and always have a backup copy stored on your network.

  3. Any chance of getting the original au3 file. I would like to enable to posibility of using Putty via SSH.

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