Tool for setting default printers (on Users, local & remote computernames)

I know there are a lot of tools on the web for setting a default printer depending on different cases. But for me they were all to complex a little bit. I want it more easier and wrote my own SetDefaultPrinter tool wich tries to set a default printer, depending on a username or a local computername or a remote computername (if your users working in terminal server sessions and you have to set the default printer wich ich connected to a special local client).

My tool works as follows…. Just simply implement this tool during the logon process or where else you need it, and if it’s called, the tool parses the “sdp.ini” file. If there is a valid entry, then a set default printer call will be executed through the tool. It always follows the order: Local computer, remote computer and username. So the local computer is always the highest value in the hierachy.

OS: Windows 98, 2000, XP
Language: AutoIT Script V3.2.20

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