Facebook – Behind the scenes

I always recommend colleagues to read and watch the thread on sysadminslive.com about the Facebook IT Mangement and Operations strategy. Because the using good tools and ideas to observe there system. Take a look at yourself: http://www.sysadminslife.com/linux/facebook-ein-blick-hinter-die-kulissen-und-in-das-komplexe-system

Group Policy Search

Discovered via Daniel Melanchton's Technet Blog This is really a nice Tool to find existing Group Policies easily. The Group Policy Search Thank's Daniel for that helpful information.

Automate Logins with Keepass and Firefox

A long time ago, but now it's here! everyone knows it's very annoing if you have to login to multiple websites during work days. It would be much easier to have a tool tool, what helps us to automate the login process to websites like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Onlinebanking, etc.., where i am registered to.... Continue Reading →

Process Uptime Utillity

I wrote a small tool, what receives the uptime of an running process. Simply choose a PID of a process and enter it into the tool. This is possible trough input box or over a commandline call. Download: Process Uptime V0.0.0.2

Backup Tool for Cisco Devices

Because i have a lot to do with cisco network environments, i searched for a tool, wich i can use, to backup a amount of cisco network devices quick and easy through TFTP. But i didn't find any good tool, wich provides this feature. After a lot of research work, i deceided to write my... Continue Reading →

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