Easily transfer FSMO Roles vom one DC to a another

I’ve wrote a nice batch script how you can transfer FSMO Roles from one domaincontroller to a another. With some simple choices you can move roles between domaincontrollers in a AD environment.

Therefor i use the NTDSUTIL.EXE of the Windows Server Support Tools wich is installed by default on a Windows Domaincontroller.

Before you can use the script: Look if the path to NTDSUTIL.EXE is in the %PATH% variable, to call it globally. Or copy NTDSUTIL.EXE into the script directory. CHOICE.EXE is used to handle the choosable options in the script.

Script call: FSMOtransfer.bat [DNSDOMAIN]

Where [DNSDOMAIN] Must be a Fully Qualified Domain name (FQDN) of a existing Microsoft Active Directory Domain. The script works only if you are logged on as a administrator

Download: FSMORolesTransferScript

Happy Coding!

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  1. Update to the FSMO Roles transfer script!

    Now it is possible to do an forced transfer trough the script as well.

    This is required in case of disaster recovery, if a DC couln’t be brought back online anymore. Then you need to seize a role to another DC.


  2. [2017-07-01] UPDATE: Added Windows Server 2016 compatibility, transfer the naming master role. (Thanks to @Herculoid, reporing this issue)

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