vCard export from PST-Folder (The easy way)

Today i searched for a way, again, how to export each of my contacts in an MS Outlook PST-Folder into a vCard (.vcf) format.

Because Outlook doesn’t offer any internal routines to export vCards and the WWW doesn’t offer any suitable freeware, too, i made up my mind and a simple vCard export method was born. This method requires no plugin’s additonal software or something else!

PST to vCard export steps:

1. Navigate to your contacts you want to export and select them.

2. Now Right-Click the selected contacts and choose: “Send as business card”

3. An new e-Mail opens with each the vCards (.vcf) in the attachment field.

4. Click on a free space within the attachment area and select all exported contacts with Ctrl+A

5. Drag & Drop the selected business cards to a folder on the filesystem

6. Vioala… the export is done!

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